What Is Marketing?

(the clinical definition)

(our definition)

We tell everyone how awesome you and your business are.

Why Do You Need It?

Do you want more customers?
Do you want to grow your business?
Do you want to crush your competition?
Then you need it!

How We Do It?


We start by understanding who you are, who your customers are and how to reach them… yes, even in their sleep : )


We develop kick ass brand messaging and creative that engages your customers.


This is what we use to deliver the brand message & creative to your customers. You know: digital, social, online, offline and all that other stuff.


We track the results of everything, so we know we’re Always On Target.

Who We Do It For?

From the local florist who’s just getting started to the retail giant 1-800 Flowers, HitState is here and is Always On Target.

Who Said What?

Why Are You Here?


Are you losing business to “The Other Guys”? We can help you ace the competition.


Wasting your time with DIY marketing that isn't working? You do your job which is running your business and we’ll do ours which getting people there.


You know your business... but do know your customers? We can help you deliver the right brand message that gets results!

If these are just some of the reasons you are here, well then we can help.

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