How we work with our clients.

Yes we said it before, "You are unique" and so is every client relationship. This understanding helps us build deep trust based partnerships with our clients, which often endure over years, and in some cases decades. Below are some of the ways we would like to work with you so that we can better achieve your needs and goals.


We need one point person at your company that we work with on all correspondences for things like receiving/sending files, changes/revisions, setting up meeting, questions & answers etc. so we can keep organized. Not that we don't love you all 🙂 it is just better this way for all of us.


Our primary way of corresponding with you will be through email when it comes to working on projects receiving files etc. Yes there are so many ways we can communicate through FB Messenger, Linkedin, Instagram, Slack etc. and because there are so many we would like to keep the just one platform of emails so we can download and document everything that comes in.

Some of our clients: