HitState Linked Engagement Group

What is it?

We all want more customer engagement online, with social media and most certainly on LinkedIn. HitState has created the “HitState Linked Engagement Group” to do just that. And the more engagement you get the more prospects and business you get. It’s as simple as that.

How it works?

Once you are in a group, you and the people in that group will help one another out by “Liking”, “Commenting”, and “Sharing” one another’s posts. What this does is catapult your post to the top of your feed and people in your own network as well as the people in your groups networks and more. The more people see your posts the more engagement you will get with business prospects.


The costs to join our HitState Linked Engagement Group is $199 a month. But it will be $150 a month for a limited time. Get into this group today.


You can see in the below screen grabs that the HitState Linked Engagement Group has gotten Rick Maher and Turning Point trending in a number of areas on LinkedIn. Which means more engagement with customers in his network and beyond, which means more business for Rick and Turning Point.


When you get an alert on a group members post you are asked within the 1st hour of the post to:
1. Like It.
2. Comment with 4 words or more.
3. Share the post to your page and or with a colleague.

Rule #2 - Participate

Everyone in the group must participate by “Liking”, “Commenting”, and “Sharing” on at least 5 posts a day (Based off of each member posting once a day). Members not participating will be asked how to better participate or be asked to leave the group. This only works if you all participate.


Here are some general good practice notes for posting on LinkedIn.
• Post at least once a day.
• Best times to post are 10-11am & 2-3pm.
• Post more video.
• KISS it! Keep It Simple Stupid.
• Don’t always talk about you.
• Give value.
• Ask questions.
• Do some trivia.

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