SMM (Social Media Marketing) Engagement In-house

What is it?

We all want more customer engagement online with social media. You can do just that by getting your team, employees, vendors and anyone who loves your company to engage with your brand on social media by liking, commenting and sharing your posts with customers.

How it works?

Once we start posting for you send out emails to your team, employees, vendors and ask them to Like, Comment and share your posts. What this does is catapult your posts to the top of your feed and people in your own network as well as the people in your groups networks and more. And the more engagement you get the more prospects and business you get. It’s as simple as that.

Your Message.

Here is a message that you can send out to employees...

Dear {Company Name} Employee,
We have a new social media marketing initiative that we will be launching. It will be a way where we can better reach and engage our customers. A place where they can come to to get some valuable info, insights, happenings in their communities and so much more.
Please help us spread the word by following {Company Name} on our social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more. Then “Like, Comment and Share” our posts to your network and community when they come out.
We are really looking forward to connecting with you and our customers.
{Your Name}
{Company Name}


You can see in the below screen grabs that the HitState Linked Engagement Group has gotten Rick Maher and Turning Point trending in a number of areas on LinkedIn. Which means more engagement with customers in his network and beyond, which means more business for Rick and Turning Point.


When you get an email or an alert, within the 1st hour please:
1. Like It.
2. Comment with 4 words or more.
3. Share the post to your page and or with a colleague.

Rule #2 - Participate

Please have everyone try as best they can to engage with your social media profiles by “Liking”, “Commenting”, and “Sharing” on at least a few posts per week.

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