Video is just good business.

Video working for you.

Having great video is just not enough. You need to market, promote and advertise your video to maximize its full potential and get new customers to engage with you and your brand. What’s the point of having great video content that your audience wants to see if they… well.. can’t find it.

As an example:

We recently created a video segment called “No Reservations” where a number of business owners talked candidly about tech over dinner. Below is the video and here is the segment details.

Here is how we promoted it:

We Published It Online

Great video content is meant to be viewed and shared and the first step is to publish it online with Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, and Instagram.
Youtube is by far the biggest and best. It is the 2nd largest search engine out there. This is where we put this video segment.

Optimize Your Video

You have very little time to engage someone to watch your video. This also varies depending on the platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) you are putting it on. So get them something short and engaging that leads to a page or the video with more. We cut up our video into short 3-5-10 second teasers to promote it on our social media platforms and gave them to ability to click to view more.


Make sure you are using all the relevant platforms out there like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to get your video content seen. Use their platform to create ads and boosts for your video. We used YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and our website.

What Video Can Do For Your Business

Accounting firms:
Sitting down with your clients and talking business on video is a great way of engaging not only clients in your video but also engaging new and potential clients that see you more of a consultant and thought leader.
Videos showing new recipes and menus renovations and more is a great way to get new customers and bring existing ones back into your restaurant and have them keep coming back.
Videos inform and excite the viewer while building a reputation that sets your firm apart from your competitors. Showing off new construction projects and talking construction with video is a great way to inform new and existing customers of upcoming trends, regulations and more.
Other industries that are served well with great video content:
• Health Care
• Manufacturers & Distributers
• Advisors & Consultants
• Real Estate
• Technology
and more
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