About Us Video

At HitState we have been creating a lot of “About Us” videos for clients.
But what is an “About Us” Video?
Well simply put it is a video about you and your company, your brand, your personality and why you do what you do.
But why do you need an about us video?
Well did you know that the ‘About Us’ page on a website is the second most popular page on a website after the home page?
Why is that? Well because people want to visually see you and your personality, especially now that we haven’t seen much of one another lately.
For marketing and branding purposes it invites the audience in for a story and an emotional connection and establishes a trusting relationship between you and your brand.
Because nobody likes buying goods and services from total strangers.
And you can put it everywhere. Put it on your website, social media and even in your signature in your emails and more.
And if you forget what you want to say don’t worry we have a teleprompter for that 🙂
So reach out to us and schedule your About Us video.
That’s our minute for now.
See you next time.

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